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Pacific Rim (2013) costume design by Kate Hawley.  (Part I)

I think my favorite thing about these white suits is the wear and tear they show - the immaculate white paint chipped off, scratches on the surface - it makes you wonder what could have caused the pilots, safe inside the Jaeger, to get tossed around so much their futuristic military suits got damaged?

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Pacific Rim had some really incredible suit design.  The way the two pilots interacted not only with the Jaeger but with each other - the minor differences in their steps - only matched in coolness by the wear and tear on their suits - scratched paint, uneven dents - though the two coolest suits were the first ones we saw, the white Daft-Punk looking ones.

"That was a functional space suit. Basically, it was issued with the spacecraft; it was literally intended to be used to maintain space stations and vehicles. But this spaceship for Prometheus was custom-built by Weyland Industries, so the spacesuits were custom-built with it. The idea that we went with was all of your body functions would be integral to the suit."

"To save visual effects we installed 11 working monitors, which had video, data and graphs. They all worked, but it was a complete nightmare… Some amazing people installed them; we found the smallest monitors we could. There are five in the base and six overhead on a yellow strip… you don’t really see them that well. We also had to install about 1000 LED lights. Those helmets actually lit the actors."Janty Yates, costume design, Prometheus (2012).